Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We are moving

I thought I would let you all know that we are being sent to the office on Thursday. Our mission President called last evening and told us about the transfer. We knew that it was coming but we thought that it would be closer to the middle or end of March. I couldn't sleep last night because my mind was packing and unpacking our car trying to fit everything in. It's a good thing that we took a few things to Karen's to store for us last week.
We are excited and a bit anxious (at least I am anxious) about our new assignments. Hal will be in charge of the fleet of missionary cars and I will be taking over the responsibility of the mission secretary. And just so Meg knows, I will cope with the title of secretary even though the responsibilities are more than opening the mail and answering the phone and typing letters.
You can send mail to us at the mission office address which is:
2001 E. Easter Ave. Ste. 303
Centennial, CO 80122

We will let you know when we find a place to live and our address there if we decide to get mail there or just in case any of you decide to come for a visit.


banananutmeg said...

Congrats! Think of how much closer you will be to Culvers! That's reason enough to get excited. Mom, you will make a great Mission Office "Administrative Assistant" and Dad will have a spreadsheet up and running before you know it-with every detail about every car in the mission, down to the nitty gritty details of who drove it last, when it was last serviced, and what color key chain goes with the keys to each car.

I bet you'll enjoy the slightly warmer weather, and I know you will be a great service to the mission office with all the skills the two of you have under your belt. Unfortunately, I doubt the Mission office will be offering you a "jennifer" to assist you!

Scott said...

haha.... too bad culvers is like 2 blocks north of the mission boundary.

We're exctied to see you soon. Get you Pday on weekends so we can hang out.

Stefani said...

Brad was the Fleet coordinator for like 9 months on his mission. He and Hal can swap stories.

Taylor said...

That is Awsome!!!!!! You two will be great!!!!!!!! I miss you A lot!!!!

Princesa said...

Hey, I got a shout out from Meg!!! I would pay money to come and assist you, Lynn. But I'm sure you'll keep everything under control with your super "administrative" skills! Peace out - Jennifer

annkelsch said...

Good to know! I was just about to mail your package. I'll change the address before I mail... Lynn you and Hal will do great in your new assignment. Lynn you will do fine if you just think of the Mission President as "Chief"

1markman said...

Good luck with the move. I hope you enjoy the new assignment. I think you will like being in the office and feeling a real part of the mission.

Good luck finding a place to live.