Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter Carnival

This week was Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs. There were winter sports events all week with the big hoopla being this weekend. The first pictures are of the snow carving event. Yep, snow carvings not ice sculptures. This event was on Friday for the High School students.

We ventured downtown on Saturday morning to find that the main street through town that is usually cleared of snow now has lots of it. They had brought in 2 feet of snow all the way down main street for the ski events. These are ski events like none other and although our pictures aren't great we decided they were worth posting just so you can get and idea of the fun.

Hopefully you can tell that these little kids are being pulled down the street by very fast horses. The winner of the ski race competition was an 8 year old girl going about 3 blocks in less than 8 seconds. Amazing.
The next picture is the 3 legged ski race. Very funny to watch. We didn't stay for the shovel ski race but we heard that watching grown men trying to stand on shovels while being pulled by horses is quite a site.
It was good to watch the community come together for the fun day. Later that night we watched the night show on the mountain. The light parade of skiers coming down the mountain and the "lighted man" show (a skier covered with lights and shooting fireworks from his suit as he came down the mountain) Sorry that those pictures didn't turn out well enough to post. It was so cold that we didn't stay for the whole event but we did stay long enough to catch a glimpse of the Steamboat culture.


Karen said...

Looks like fun!!! How much longer are you going to be in Steamboat? Are you coming to Denver soon? We can't wait to see you. I'll actually make dinner.

banananutmeg said...

Snow carving looks like fun!
Hauling excess snow onto the one unpaved road in town does not sound like fun. Couldn't they have moved the event to North, South, East, or West like 3 blocks and avoided the whole hassle? I'm just sayin'...

Did you guys hand out pass along cards, or just get strange looks and questions from all the locals as to why you were in suits and skirts?

"Winter Carnival"...did you see any good "carnies"? Take any pictures of 'em?

hfl said...

We are here until the middle of March and then we are going to the office in Littleton. And Meg, different kind of carnival. And yes once again we were the best dress in attendance, coldest but best dressed. Snow pants no doubt are much warmer than my skirt.

Mamarazzi said...

that looks like a lot of fun! good for you guys to be out and about mixing it up with the local peeps, no doubt WAY overdressed and freezing!

jan porter said...

Looks like fun to me! At least they are celebrating winter - unlike me who is sick to death of it! We might be heading your way in June if Jeff gets stationed in Colorado. We'll be sure to let you know. Glad things are going well and that your legs haven't fallen off from frost bite yet! Love you, Jan

Taylor said...

That sounds so fun! Those snow sculptures looked cool and holy cow standing on shovels getting pulled by a horse wow. That girl must have been a good skier. I miss you a lot!

Kasey said...

That looks like so much fun. COLD fun.

And leave it to Meg to be on the look out for FrEaKs! ha ha