Sunday, November 23, 2008

More pictures of our new home

Our condo is 1 of 18 in this building.
We are on the rightside.

On the second of three floors.

Sister Lawrence standing on our balcony

As you enter here is our kitchen.
To the left our living area.
You have to love this desk.
Our Table.
Our Love seat and two chairs.

our bedroom, comfy air mattress
looking out from our balcony South in the complex

looking north west
Lastly looking northwest

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Steamboat Springs is at the base of the snowy mountainsGetting Closer
A small park greets us as we enter town
This Elk guards the entry

Downtown Steamboat Springs

A sample of the buildings in downtown

US40 run thru Steamboat for a few miles

Up the hill in back of our condo on the southend of town
A whole new side of Steamboat Springs
Hundreds of Condos right to the edge of the Ski area

There is alot of construction going all over this area


Elder & Sister Lawrence enter the MTC
Nov. 3, 2008

Our first District in the MTC
The Fairhursts, Bro. Sunday, Sis. B, Sis. Drake, the Grossharths & us

Bro.Sunday one of our MTC Instructors

Office training at the MTC on our 2nd week.

Ready or not Colorado here we come!

Packed floor to above the ceiling and we are off!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well we have arrived in Steamboat Springs Colorado. We got here around 1pm and got a list of possible rentals and a map, however all the rental offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday. So we are still homeless/addressless, but here. We got a room at the Comfort Inn at a special rate for two days. We hope that Monday will allow us to settle into a new home base for the next 4 months.

As we drove here, we could see snow on the mountain in the distance. The distance was Steamboat Springs. The snow is on the slopes all around us, but not on the ground in town not yet at leasst. The down town has lots of cute little shops and shopping centers. Steamboat Springs stretches along US I40 for aways. On the surface it appears quite YUPPY.

The Ward building is in a very nice area accross the street from the hospital. We have our first meeting Sunday morning at 7:45am with Brother Stewart the former bishop and current Ward Mission Leader. The Bishop is out of town. There are 11 Wards in the Meeker Colorado Stake.

Yesterday was busy as we arrived in Grand Juction and met with Elder & Sister Dean for a couple of hours and then with Pres. Atkinson 2nd Councelor in the Mission Presidency. We had dinner at his house. His wife made Deer Stew and home made biscuits. He teaches in the music department at Mesa College in Grand Juction. He helps Pres. Christison with the Mission Zones and Stakes on the westside of the mission.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Day Left in the MTC

Our time in the MTC is almost over. We have had a great time here. Our first week of classes were wonderful. These young missionaries are great teachers. This week we have had office training and this has been much less stressful for me. I will freely admit that I have learned some new tricks in Word and Excel 2007. I wish that I had known some of them when I was working they would have saved me some time.

We are leaving early Friday morning for Grand Junction and then on to Steamboat Springs on Saturday morning to find a place to live. We will be staying with the Branch President until we find housing so hopefully we can find something quickly that is not too expensive. We are a bit concerned since it is ski season in a ski resort town. Anyone know of any rentals? Let us know, surely some snowbirds that someone knows went south for the winter and would love to have a nice old couple stay in their home.

We will let you know when we have an address. In the meantime we welcome email at

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 3, 2008
Elder and Sister Lawrence reported to the MTC in Provo UT!!!!!
This has been a 42 year dream for me. Sister Lawrence is the best companion an Elder could ever want. We are staying at the Super 8 Motel at night as the MTC is full. We are happy about this assignment as the our room has a King sized bed, a 9' Sofa and chair that matched Mark & Melinda sofa that is now in the cabin. Also a refigerator, Microwave, ironing board and more than enough room for both of our suitcases.

The MTC is awesome. We are having the experience of a lifetime. The instructors, Preach My Gospel, the young Elders, Sisters and Senior Missionaries all invite the spirit. The role playing and teaching experiences have been hard but we have learned a lot from them. Every day helps us feel a little more comfortable. We have met some wonderful people and are looking forward to one more week of training before heading out in the field.

For those who haven't heard, we received a call from our Mission President on our way here and he has reassigned us. We will be going to Steamboat Springs CO for 4 months and then to the mission office in Denver. We are looking forward to the experience but are wondering if our California blood will be thick enough to handle the snow in at a ski resort town. We know nothing about Steamboat Springs so if any of you out there are familiar with it please comment.

We will post pictures as soon as we can remember how.

Love you all,
Hal and Lynn