Sunday, April 12, 2009

If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes

I have heard that the weather here will change quickly but I had to witness it to believe it. The picture of Hal in front of our apartment in the snow was taken just 3 days before the one of me was taken. We get snow here one minute and then sunshine the next. The next couple of pictures are of the front of our office building and inside our office.

We have really been busy at the office lately. Last week we received 10 new missionaries and sent 11 home. I think we are most likely related to two of the new missionaries that came on Wednesday. One is Elder Tenney and one is Elder Hatch. They are both darling so I am sure they are our relatives somehow. Elder Tenney is from Elk Grove CA and Elder Hatch is from a little town in Nevada.

Last week was also transfer week. Transfer week involves a lot of paper work and keeps the office staff hopping to get the rosters updated and the housing and cars figured out. It is so amazing to see the process and have it all come together in the end.
It has been really fun working in the office and being around the young missionaries as they come and go. We have 190 missionaries and 61 cars to keep track of. Hal is also in charge of keeping track of their cell phones now. President Christison is shifting responsibilities around a bit in the office and since we both have some computer training our responsibilities are growing daily. Our days are so busy and full that they just seem to fly by.