Friday, March 6, 2009

We have a new home

We found a place to live last Saturday and we have been running ever since. We haven't had a chance to unpack our suitcases yet but hopefully we will get to that tomorrow sometime.

Our new assignments in the Mission office are keeping us very busy. There is so much to learn before the couple that we are replacing goes home. Well actually they live nearby but their mission is coming to an end. There are 3 other couple besides us working in the office. All of the other 3 couples live in the Denver area and were called by their Stake Presidents to serve in the office for one year. One couple, the Struhs, is in charge of housing for the young Elders and Sisters. One couple, the Rydalchs, is in charge of missionary phones and all of the finances and the Kellys. We will be replacing the Kellys. Brother Kelly is called the "CAR CZAR" and is in charge of all of the missionaries cars. He keeps track of the mileage and maintanence and who can drive and who can't and probably a bunch of other stuff that Hal will learn as he is trained. Sister Kelly is the Mission Secretary and she is going to train me to take her place. So much to cram into my feeble brain.

We have really been enjoying the mild weather here this week. Quite a change from Steamboat's temperatures. We are expecting snow tomorrow but I doubt it will be too much.

We will try to give more updates as we get better settled in.
If you want to send us mail please send it to the mission office address listed in our last post.
Thanks to all of you that have kept in touch.


banananutmeg said...

yay for being busy! We'll try to get some mail your way.

Taylor said...

That is so awsome. You two will be great.
I miss you a lot,

Scott said...

What up, yo? did ya'll ever get a seond seat? Couch? Let us know, so we can figure out if we need to drop the recliner by. We're excited about being able to see you more often.

Scott said...

So, now that you're somewhere with nice weather, you're not updating anymore? What gives? Update, yo.

Mamarazzi said...

thinking about y'all. missing you lots.

hey you guys need to change the link to my blog. is this why you haven't been by? you still have us old link

the new one is: